The Doorkeepers

The Doorkeepers

ISBN: 0843952407

ISBN 13: 9780843952407

Publication Date: October 01, 2003

Publisher: Leisure Books

Pages: 371

Format: Paperback

Author: Graham Masterton

3.89 of 484

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As far as her family knows, Julia Winward, a young American woman, has been missing in England for nearly a year. When her mutilated body is found floating in the Thames, her brother, Josh, is determined to find out what happened to his sister for all that time, and exactly who - or what - killed her.

But nothing Josh discovers makes any sense. Julia has been working for a company that went out of business sixty years ago, and living at an address that hasn't existed since World War II. The only one who might have been able to help Josh is Ella, a strange young woman with psychic abilities. But the doors she can open are far better left closed. For behind these doors lie secrets that should never be revealed - secrets too horrible to imagine.

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