A Means to an End

A Means to an End

Publication Date: January 04, 2011

Publisher: Post Mortem Press

Pages: 149

Authors: Eric Beebe, C. Bryan Brown, Jeremy Bush, Matthew Dexter, K.R. Helms, Thomas Malafarina, Bruce Memblatt, Marc Sorondo, Magen Cubed, Alphonso Warden

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An Anthology of New Horror Horror Fiction

Beyond the obvious traits that separate humans from other animals the most basic difference is our awareness of our own inevitable death. Animals live their lives blissfully unaware that each passing day brings them closer to their ultimate demise. Humans, however, have an innate fear of death.

Ten authors provide their unique perspective of death. Whether death comes from the supernatural, Mother Nature, the hands of another, or in a manner beyond simple description, each tale provides a glimpse into the manner of death. Each story has its own "Means to an End." Includes stories from Paul Anderson, Matthew Dexter, Magen Toole, Alphonso Warden, Thomas Malafarina, Jeremy Bush, Bruce Memblatt, C Bryan Brown, KR Helms, and Marc Sorondo.

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