Anthology of Ichor III: Gears of Damnation

Anthology of Ichor III: Gears of Damnation

ISBN: 1460938011

ISBN 13: 9781460938010

Publication Date: April 09, 2011

Publisher: UnEarthed Press

Pages: 570

Format: Paperback

Authors: Trevor E. Donaldson, Cynthia Ray, Erik T. Johnson, Bill Albert, Marc Sorondo, Amanda Lawrence Auverigne, A.J. French, Gerry Huntman, Anthony Bell, L.T. Getty, Bruce Memblatt, Garrett Ashley, S.M. Sawyer, Adrian Chamberlin, Jeffrey Hale, Michael B. Fletcher

4.00 of 10

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WARNING! CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE! These pages contain the secrets of heathen gods, steam-powered zombies, and plagued nosferatu. While the mad golem rages beneath the will of an old god, other more complex automatons study the finesse of human emotion. These and other tales from the minds of: Kevin James Breaux Cynthia Ray Erik T. Johnson Bill Albert Marc Sorondo Amanda Lawrence Auverigne A.J. French Gerry Huntman Anthony Bell L.T. Getty Adrian Chamberlin Bruce Memblatt Michael Fletcher Garrett Ashley Including novellas by: Jeffrey Hale S.M. Sawyer

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