Spain or Shine

Spain or Shine

ISBN: 0142403687

ISBN 13: 9780142403686

Publication Date: September 08, 2005

Publisher: Speak

Pages: 224

Format: Paperback

Author: Michelle Jellen

3.67 of 687

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Elena is lost in the shuffle between her three overachieving siblings. But now that she’s on her own for a whole semester, she intends to keep the spotlight on herself—and Spain is just the place to do it. Once she starts living it up in tapas bars, lying out on the beach (even though it’s November), and having a nice, long siesta smack-dab in the middle of every day, Elena finds that Spain is everything she hoped it would be. She’s even met a to-fawn-over Spaniard, Miguel. But Elena has always been more comfortable writing plays than starring in them, and she’s beginning to realize that keeping out of the spotlight has its perks too. . . .

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