The Bald Soprano and Other Plays

The Bald Soprano and Other Plays

ISBN: 0802130798

ISBN 13: 9780802130792

Publication Date: January 12, 1994

Publisher: Grove Press

Pages: 160

Format: Paperback

Authors: Eugène Ionesco, Donald Merriam Allen

4.04 of 5,145

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The leading figure of absurdist theater and one of the great innovators of the modern stage, Eugene Ionesco (1909-94) did not write his first play, The Bald Soprano, until 1950. He went on to become an internationally renowned master of modern drama, famous for the comic proportions and bizarre effects that allow his work to be simultaneously hilarious, tragic, and profound. As Ionesco has said, "Theater is not literature. . . . It is simply what cannot be expressed by any other means."

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