The 1000 Year Plan

The 1000 Year Plan

Publication Date: 1955

Publisher: Ace Books

Pages: 160

Format: Paperback

Author: Isaac Asimov

4.14 of 5

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This edition "Abridged." This is a single, the original was a double edition which included Poul Anderson's No World of Their Own.

Please note that Ace published Asimov's The 1,000-Year Plan in a "Double Novel" edition which also bears the same D-110 designation, along with Poul Anderson's No World of Their Own. The covers are nearly identical, differing only in the price and information displayed in the blue band across the top. The most obvious difference is that this Asimov-only D-110 edition says "Special Edition" across the top and the double novel edition bears the words "Two Complete Novels". For the Double Novel edition, refer to

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