Table 21

Table 21

ISBN: 0615484433

ISBN 13: 9780615484433

Publication Date: June 11, 2011

Publisher: BMG/ Akula Media Group

Pages: 287

Format: Paperback

Author: T. Rafael Cimino

3.64 of 372

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It’s New York City, December 1999. As one millennium ends and another begins, an erratic chain of events unfold that could change the face of the Italian Mafia forever. In the turmoil, a vacuum is created when one family falls, creating an unprecedented void of power and a subsequent struggle for control of the underworld.
Roman Sabarese is the owner of Evangeline’s, the hottest restaurant in Tribeca. He’s also close with an A – list television star who adores him. After a tawdry cover story in a popular celebrity tabloid, a spotlight illuminates the fact that Roman is the son of an indicted Mob kingpin, and therefore, heir presumptive to his father’s vast criminal enterprise that commands the Tri-State area.
Zoë Greene is young, attractive and enjoying rave reviews in her role on The Prosecutor, a prime time network television series. While on hiatus from her show for the New Year holiday, she visits the restaurant where she worked her way though college. After a quick dinner with her friend Roman, and among the frantic holiday crowd, she disappears.
Captain Stan Fitzgerald is the decorated head of the NYPD’s First Precinct in Lower Manhattan. His hands are full with the upcoming New Year celebration, a personal battle with renal cancer and the rigors of police life. When an old friend appears in his office to ask for help in locating the missing starlet, he is more then reluctant.
As the clock ticks and precious time runs out, the city is turned upside down in a desperate attempt to find that which is lost and answer questions that have been a mystery for over a generation. In the end, secrets will be revealed, alliances will be forged, and friendships will be betrayed. Table 21 will have you guessing to the last page, who will live to see the new millennium and who will not.

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