Pages for You

Pages for You

ISBN: 0312420048

ISBN 13: 9780312420048

Publication Date: April 06, 2002

Publisher: Picador

Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

Author: Sylvia Brownrigg

3.95 of 6,875

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In a steam-filled diner in a college town, Flannery Jansen catches sight of something more beautiful than she's ever seen: a graduate student, reading. The seventeen-year-old, new to everything around her—college, the East Coast, bodies of literature, and the sexual flurries of student life—is shocked by her desire to follow this wherever it will take her. When Flannery finds herself enrolled in a class with the remote, brilliant older woman, she is intimidated at first, but gradually becomes Anne Arden's student—Baudelaire, lipstick colors, or how to travel with a lover—Flannery proves an eager pupil, until one day learns more about Anne than she ever wanted to know.

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