Totem and Taboo

Totem and Taboo

ISBN: 041525387X

ISBN 13: 9780415253871

Publication Date: May 17, 2001

Publisher: Routledge

Pages: 224

Format: Paperback

Authors: Sigmund Freud, James Strachey

3.83 of 5,737

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Widely acknowledged to be one of Freud's greatest cultural works, when Totem and Taboo was first published in 1913, it caused outrage. Thorough and thought-provoking, Totem and Taboo remains the fullest exploration of Freud's most famous themes. Family, society, religion - they're all put on the couch here. Whatever your feelings about psychoanalysis, Freud's theories have influenced every facet of modern life, from film and literature to medicine and art. If you don't know your incest taboo from your Oedipal complex, and you want to understand more about the culture we're living in, then Totem and Taboo is the book to read.

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