Not Mine to Give

Not Mine to Give

ISBN: 1937216330

ISBN 13: 9781937216337

Publication Date: April 24, 2012

Publisher: Prairie Muse Publishing

Pages: 366

Format: Paperback

Author: Laura Landon

4.30 of 85

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In a blood-drenched midnight vow, Lady Katherine Downing pledged she would keep the Bishop's crown safe from the Scottish lads who'd stolen it, and return it to England where it belonged. And by king's edict, she would then wed the Earl of Rivershorn, William Bolton. But a man as evil as Bolton could never have her hand...or her heart. Not once she'd kissed her Scot. Finding his entire family slaughtered at the hands of William Bolton suddenly elevated Duncan Ferguson to laird of the clan. His mother, father and two sisters died protecting the stolen crown from Bolton, who took his remaining youngest sister, Brenna, as hostage. Once she is rescued, nothing will stop Duncan from honoring his father's memory by taking the crown back from the woman who has hidden it. Nothing will stop him from keeping the crown out of the hands of the bloody English. Except, perhaps, his beautiful, stubborn English wife - Lady Katherine - and her stubborn midnight vow.

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