Ice Hunter (Woods Cop, #1)

Ice Hunter (Woods Cop, #1)

ISBN: 1592286542

ISBN 13: 9781592286546

Publication Date: May 01, 2005

Publisher: Lyons Press

Pages: 355

Format: Paperback

Author: Joseph Heywood

3.84 of 658

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Meet Grady Service: a former Marine, renowned tracker, Conservation Officer, and the
last person any errant hunter wants to cross. In Ice Hunter, the first of a series of
mysteries set in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Service defends his turf with the tenacity of a
bear and the wisdom of an ancient. He shuns all creature comforts and consumerism and is
most at home stalking the Mosquito Tract, his self-designated wilderness and the land protected by his CO father before him. Times are not easy for Service. As this summer season
opens, he gets news that his nemesis, the despicable leader of an incestuous clan of poachers,
is about to be released from prison. But something even more sinister is afoot in the Mosquito
Wilderness--something that inspires greed far beyond the hunter going over his limit, something that involves giants of industry and politics (including the governor of the State of
Michigan)--something that too easily renders human life dispensable. Service must call
upon his every reserve to track, stalk, and hunt the “ice hunter.” Full of grit and wilderness
lore, Ice Hunter show off Heywood’s extraordinary talents. The first in a thrilling series
that has gained him cult status for his intricate plots and outrageously unforgettable characters, Ice Hunter pulls you in and won’t let you go.

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