Marie Grubbe

Marie Grubbe

ISBN: 1598183532

ISBN 13: 9781598183535

Publication Date: January 01, 2007

Publisher: Aegypan

Pages: 172

Format: Paperback

Authors: Jens Peter Jacobsen, Hanna Astrup Larsen

3.42 of 132

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Jacobsen's immediate importance was his status as the 'writer of his generation.' Jacobsen's breakthrough came already in 1876 with the historical and psychological novel Fru Marie Grubbe, - entitled Marie Grubbe in English, -which for the first time in Danish literature presented a profound portrayal of a woman as a creature of instinct and desire and as a being searching for her own identity. The book's defiant individualism asserting human values as opposed to society's judgment was also a sign of modernity.-

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