Fractured Athena Rising

Fractured Athena Rising

ISBN: 1479153494

ISBN 13: 9781479153497

Publication Date: July 29, 2012


Pages: 318

Format: Paperback

Author: Greg Jackson

5.00 of 2

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Elysian City. The Near Future. The President of the United States has abolished democracy after buying his way into the White House. With the country living under the strict word of God, the United States has effectively dropped off the global map and is run by the private sector. Dana Dalton, a revolutionary scientist ahead of her time has created a technology to take down the current government and return the United States to its former, Democratic glory. Dylan King, a 17 year-old runaway. She’s living in a walled-in portion of Elysian City called Ward Four. It’s a prison city that’s littered with rapists, killers, pedophiles and junkies. Escaping a life of abuse into Ward Four, Dylan dodges death daily just to survive in the Hell that is Ward Four with her addicted brother and soon-to-be sister in law. But Dylan possesses something that’s instrumental in turning the country around, only she doesn’t know it until it starts to materialize on its own. Will Dylan embrace it and rise to her higher calling? Or will she embrace her thieving ways of life and live for herself, to get back to a life that may or may not have existed beyond the wall? Join the revolution with Dylan King in this science-fiction tale. In this first installment, Dylan will question her own sanity, as well as coming to the revelation that: With Great Power Comes Incredible Pain.
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