Love and Garbage

Love and Garbage

ISBN: 0679737553

ISBN 13: 9780679737551

Publication Date: March 31, 1993

Publisher: Vintage

Pages: 224

Format: Paperback

Authors: Ivan Klíma, Ewald Osers, Oscar Osers

3.67 of 658

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The narrator of Ivan Klima's novel has temporarily abandoned his work-in-progress -an essay on Kafka -and exchanged his writer's pen for the orange vest of a Prague road-sweeper. As he works, he meditates on Czechoslovakia, on Kafka, on life, on art and, obsessively, on his passionate and adulterous love affair with the sculptress Daria. Gradually he admits the impossibility of being at once an honest writer and an honest lover, and with that agonizing discovery comes a moment of choice.

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