ISBN: 0062237446

ISBN 13: 9780062237446

Publication Date: September 03, 2013

Publisher: Harper

Pages: 320

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Liad Shoham, Sara Kitai

3.53 of 145

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This #1 bestselling author in Israel makes his American debut with this superbly plotted, uncompromising crime thriller, set in Tel Aviv, involving mistaken identity, organized crime, a disgraced detective looking for redemption, a tireless young reporter, and an innocent man with a not-so-innocent past who is on the lam

A brutal rape in a quiet Tel Aviv neighborhood has the police baffled. Detective Eli Nahum is eager to wrap up the high-profile case and sees an easy conviction when the victim's angry father delivers a likely suspect.

But Ziv Nevo isn't a rapist. He's a hired hand for a notorious mafia boss, and he's not going to tell the cops why he was really near the crime scene. When the case is thrown out on a procedural technicality, Nahum is fired, Nevo goes free, and the mob smells a rat.

Then another rape occurs. Certain its Nevo, the cops are determined to see him to prison-unless the mob sends him to the grave first. On the run with his wife in the desert, an innocent man has one chance to survive-a disgraced former detective named Nahum who's determined to find the truth at any cost.

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