The Pictures of Dorian Gray

The Pictures of Dorian Gray

ISBN: 1434441555

ISBN 13: 9781434441553

Publication Date: January 24, 2013

Publisher: Wildside Press

Pages: 394

Format: Paperback

Author: Oscar Wilde

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Includes Both the 20-Chapter and 13-Chapter Versions
The Picture of Dorian Gray is the only published novel by Oscar Wilde. It appearing as the lead story in the July 1890 issue of Lippincott's Monthly Magazine. The magazine's editors feared the story was indecent as submitted, so they censored roughly 500 words, without Wilde's knowledge, before publication. Even so, the story was greeted with outrage by British reviewers, some of whom suggested that Wilde should be prosecuted on moral grounds, leading Wilde to defend the novel aggressively in letters to the British press. Wilde later revised the story for book publication, making substantial alterations, deleting controversial passages, adding new chapters and including an aphoristic Preface which has since become famous in its own right. The amended version was published by Ward, Lock and Company in April 1891. Some scholars believe that Wilde would today have wanted us to read the version he originally submitted to Lippincott's. Both the 1890 and 1891 versions are included in this publication

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