Blue Wolf in Green Fire (Woods Cop, #2)

Blue Wolf in Green Fire (Woods Cop, #2)

ISBN: 1592286526

ISBN 13: 9781592286522

Author: Joseph Heywood

4.11 of 375

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Upper Michigan Conservation Officer Grady Service has a case on his hands that doesn’t make sense. A series of protests and bombs planted by a group of animal-rights activists appears to have culminated in a double murder at a wolf lab, which releases into the wild an extraordinarily rare animal: a blue wolf. To the Ojibwa a blue wolf represents good luck--unless it is captured or killed, and then it is an omen of Armageddon. Service suspects that the murders aren’t what they seem to be when the FBI takes over the investigation and reaches far beyond its jurisdiction. Meanwhile, an elusive poaching ring that has been systematically
killing trophy deer sets its sights on wolves, of which there is a growing wild population in the Upper Peninsula. Once again, Service must defend his hallowed Mosquito Wilderness in a race against time when it becomes clear that the poachers’ final target is the blue wolf. The novel’s brilliant finale will cement Heywood’s reputation as one of today’s great mystery writers, and the Wood Cops series as the most exciting to come along in years. Full of memorable characters and steeped in the lives of the Woods Cops, Blue Wolf in Green Fire is also a masterpiece of suspense. This second book in the Woods Cop series is a fully satisfying journey into the natural world and beyond, into the terrifying extremes of human nature.

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