Essays on Ayn Rand's the Fountainhead

Essays on Ayn Rand's the Fountainhead

ISBN: 0739115782

ISBN 13: 9780739115787

Publication Date: December 01, 2006

Publisher: Lexington Books

Pages: 349

Format: Paperback

Author: Robert Mayhew

4.12 of 63

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Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead is still remembered and enjoyed today as the philosopher's first best-selling novel. In this unique study of The Fountainhead, Dr. Robert Mayhew brings together historical, literary, and philosophical essays that analyze the novel's style, its use of humor, and its virtues of productivity, independence, and integrity. The essays make extensive use of previously unpublished material from the Ayn Rand Archives, offering a new collection of material to explore and consider. This book leads through the creation, publication, and reception of the 1943 novel that made Rand famous. Mayhew's collection of essays offers an insightful and critical perspective on the much regarded novel, and is a necessary read for anyone interested in Ayn Rand and great American literature.

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