ISBN: 1615217363

ISBN 13: 9781615217366

Publication Date: November 01, 2014

Publisher: NavPress Publishing Group

Pages: 192

Format: Paperback

Author: The Navigators

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To have a lifelong goal of becoming like Christ involves change, and change isn't always easy. But the more a person knows of God's purposes for him or her, the more that person can experience God's joy and participate in His plan. The LifeChange studies on books of the Bible promise a life-changing encounter with God's Word that can help you grow in Christlikeness. LifeChange studies help you . . .
Understand the book's historical context, purpose, structure, and meaning
Apply its powerful, relevant wisdom to current needs and issues
Acquire personal study skills and a thirst to go deeper into the Bible's life-transforming truths

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