The Story of Art

The Story of Art

ISBN: 071483355X

ISBN 13: 9780714833552

Publication Date: April 09, 1995

Publisher: Phaidon Press

Pages: 688

Format: Hardcover

Author: E.H. Gombrich

3.88 of 220,910

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Renowned not only as the best concise introduction to art history, but also as a classic of art historical literature, this book reflects the vast knowledge, insights, and expertise of one of this century's greatest art historians and thinkers. Extensively illustrated, it treats the history of art -- both chronologically and geographically -- as a continuous unfolding story. Offers a vivid, enthusiastic, and interpretive narrative written in direct, straightforward language with technical terms always explained when they are introduced. KEY TOPICS: Focuses on the most significant works of Western art. Considers each work of art in its context: shows how art reflects the historical setting, the artist's intentions, and the values of that civilization, and how each artist built upon, or sometimes reacted against, the style of his/her predecessors. Contains chronological charts, maps, and notes on art books. Illustrates all works that are discussed. Features a new design with each illustration appearing on the same spread as the narrative that discusses it.

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