X, Y

X, Y

ISBN: 0440213746

ISBN 13: 9780440213741

Publication Date: October 02, 1993

Publisher: Dell

Pages: 340

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Michael Blumlein

3.12 of 33

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Frankie watched herself in the mirror as she danced in the strip joint--it was the only way to get through the act. But then the fat man came into the club, and the siren screamed, and Frankie's world shattered like a thousand shards of glass.

In the morning, she isn't Frankie any more. She doesn't remember who she is. She knows for certain only one solid truth: that she is a man. As for Terry, her boyfriend, he cannot understand what his little sex object is trying to tell him.

Frankie, trapped and livid, slowly learns to live as a captive in a woman's skin, and learns to rule over her poor lover. She makes him work for her. She makes him wait on her. She uses her stranger's body to torture him with his own desire.

They are an ordinary couple in a private hell. A man and a woman in changed places; a man and a woman exploring all the cruelty and darkness and horror that was once hidden between a woman and a man.

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