Endless Chain (Shenandoah Album)

Endless Chain (Shenandoah Album)

ISBN: 0778323161

ISBN 13: 9780778323167

Publication Date: June 20, 2006

Publisher: Mira Books

Pages: 570

Format: Paperback

Author: Emilie Richards

4.07 of 931

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Sam Kinkade is finally feeling at home as a minister in rural Toms Brook, Virginia, content with his life and Shenandoah Valley congregation. But his plans to welcome the area's growing Hispanic community are being met with resistance. Fortunately, when the church-run community center is threatened, a stranger named Elisa Martinez walks through his door and Sam realizes he has found a woman capable of building bridges. Elisa isn't looking to make connections. She has come to Toms Brook to hide. But despite her fears of discovery she is enchanted by the beautiful work of -- and the friendship offered by -- the women who invite her to join their quilting circle. And even though she fears the consequences for both of them, she finds herself powerfully drawn to Sam, and to the generations-old love story rooted in the town's past. Will she and Sam repeat the past, or can they find the love and the freedom they seek at last?

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