A Rake's Redemption (The Six, #4)

A Rake's Redemption (The Six, #4)

ISBN: 0451213548

ISBN 13: 9780451213549

Publication Date: November 02, 2004

Publisher: Signet

Pages: 224

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Susannah Carleton

3.29 of 35

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Could he be tamed?

Theo Middleford, the Viscount Dunnley, is an unabashed rake—and quite a good one, as the ladies he entertains would attest. But his lifestyle is becoming somewhat dangerous—as proven when he finds himself leaping two stories to escape a compromising situation. The time to marry has arrived, and conveniently, so has the Season. But can he find a wife with the warmth of a friend and the fire of a mistress?

No stranger to Lord Dunnley, Lady Sarah Mallory cannot imagine why his mere proximity at this Season's events makes her stomach flutter. It requires all her will just to keep from trembling when his arm encircles her for a waltz. And her efforts are not lost on Dunnley, newly intrigued by the Welsh beauty. Could her gentle demeanor hide a passionate nature? And could his passionate nature hide a weakness for one compelling woman? Both are determined to find out...

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