The Prisoner

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This is the story of a gay American soldier whose assignment is to find a prisoner in one of the many camps set up by the Germans. The person is of great importance to the Allied forces. If he is killed, it could change the outcome of the war. Along the way, he falls in love, and finds hope stronger than anything on earth. - Technology, what a funny place to put Simon but there he was, the science kid. We joked about it because I was always the kid with my head in a book in some guys crotch. Some guys will tell you this sex thing isn’t real with most young men my age but I tell you know they are lying. Jack a straight buddy of mine would tell me the same thing, only he was after the girls. He’d do as many as he could he told me, ride them till they drop. Once in a while when he was low on girls, he’d spend the night and I’d get to ride his pony, if he was as wild with the girls as he was with me, I’m sure they missed him when he went off to the Marines.
This book is provided in English, French and German

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