The Best Friends Game Book

The Best Friends Game Book

ISBN: 1402711050

ISBN 13: 9781402711053

Publication Date: March 01, 2004

Publisher: Sterling

Pages: 128

Format: Paperback

Authors: Mike Artell, Sheila Anne Barry, Hallie Warshaw, H.J. Press, Sonal Bhatt, J.J. Mendoza Fernandez

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Best friends 4-ever means best friends doing things together. There’s plenty of activities, games, and projects here to occupy a group of pals, from simple and tasty sleepover treats to challenging brain bafflers. How do you doodle? With easy cartooning tips for creating caricatures, animals, and objects. For great games, try a Balloon Relay and Musical Bumps. Conjure up some math magic, such as the Three Digit Miracle: begin with any number, it doesn’t matter. When the calculating’s done, the result always comes out to 1089. Kids can bond over beading, as they make beautiful bracelets, headbands, necklaces, and anklets. And that’s not all: with quick science experiments, fortunetelling tricks, and card games for one after everyone’s gone, the fun will never end.

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