The 6:41 to Paris

The 6:41 to Paris

ISBN: 1939931266

ISBN 13: 9781939931269

Publication Date: December 01, 2015

Publisher: New Vessel Press

Pages: 146

Format: Paperback

Authors: Jean-Philippe Blondel, Alison Anderson

3.62 of 717

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Cécile, a stylish forty-seven-year-old, has spent the weekend visiting her parents in a provincial town southeast of Paris. By early Monday morning, she's exhausted. These trips back home are always stressful and she settles into a train compartment with an empty seat beside her. But it's soon occupied by a man she instantly recognizes: Philippe Leduc, with whom she had a passionate affair that ended in her brutal humiliation thirty years ago. In the fraught hour and a half that ensues, their express train hurtles towards the French capital. Cécile and Philippe undertake their own face to face journey—In silence? What could they possibly say to one another?—with the reader gaining entrée to the most private of thoughts. This is a psychological thriller about past romance, with all its pain and promise.

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