A Handful of Stars (Tyneside Sagas, #4)

A Handful of Stars (Tyneside Sagas, #4)

ISBN: 0755330919

ISBN 13: 9780755330911

Publication Date: June 14, 2007

Publisher: Headline

Pages: 480

Format: Paperback

Author: Janet MacLeod Trotter

4.09 of 32

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An enthralling northeastern saga of the 1930s. It's a tale of passion, poverty and survival as the Depression brings Tyneside to its knees.

Eighteen-year-old Clara Magee is devastated when her father commits suicide, leaving his family with nothing but gambling debts. Facing ruin, the Magees are forced to sell their business, a fancy-goods shop, to a German couple whom Patience resents. Despite her mother's disapproval, Clara befriends their daughter Reenie and hot-headed son Benny. Patience thinks old family friend Vinnie Craven would make far better company for her daughter, and Vinnie's admiration of Clara is obvious to all. Yet her heart lies elsewhere - with Reenie and Benny's dashing elder brother Frank. When Frank leaves abruptly for Germany, a disappointed Clara tries to dismiss her feelings for him and eventually agrees to marry Vinnie. Clara hadn't bargained for Vinnie's violent temper, however, and his growing fascination with Mosley's Fascist party is disturbing. But the greatest shock is still to come...

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