How to Develop Agility & Quickness

How to Develop Agility & Quickness

ISBN: 1508768749

ISBN 13: 9781508768746

Publication Date: March 07, 2015

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 46

Format: Paperback

Authors: M. Usman, John Davidson, Mendon Cottage Books

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Table of Contents Prelude Agility& Quickness Chapter # 1: Speed& Strength Chapter # 2: Power Chapter # 3: Information Processing Chapter # 4: Decision Making & Anticipation Training Chapter # 1: Intensity & Volume Chapter # 2: Exercise & Drill Selection Chapter # 3: Plan Chapter # 4: Safety Measures Conclusion References Author Bio Publisher Prelude Throughout the centuries, athletes have always been judged by the level of nimbleness they can show when performing a specific physical activity. Their quickness to react and the subsequent ability to change directions in blazing fast speed can provide them with all the advantage they need to win the competition. Almost all kinds of sports are motion-oriented, in which the whole body has to work together to advance through the game. The body must be able to swiftly change its speed, accelerate itself, and/or change directions when necessary. Sometimes changing directions becomes so important that the speed of the athlete is put right out of the equation. All these terms can be combined ultimately into two categories: agility and quickness. It is for this reason that coaches and athletes strive hard to achieve these two characteristics, because once they master these, the sport becomes way too easy. Many studies have been carried out in order to identify the factors that most strikingly affect an athlete's agility performance. The researchers first divided the performance into areas like change of direction and decision making factors. Soon, they found out that in order to attain agility one should not only be physically fit, but also mentally as sharp as possible. Thus, to maximize output from an athlete he/she must undergo training that sharpens the mind and the body; only then will he/she be able to bridge the divide between the competitions. This book is all about the ways in which a person or an athlete can improve his/her agility and quickness. Read on and find out more.

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