Hardwired (Hardwired, #1)

Hardwired (Hardwired, #1)

ISBN: 1597800627

ISBN 13: 9781597800624

Publication Date: October 01, 2006

Publisher: Night Shade Books

Pages: 300

Format: Paperback

Author: Walter Jon Williams

3.91 of 3,317

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Hardwired features high-tech thrills and unforgettable heroes in the great tradition of William Gibson's Neuromancer. According to Locus, Hardwired is Walter Jon Williams's "best book to date".

Ex-fighter pilot Cowboy, "hardwired" via skull sockets directly to his lethal electronic hardware, teams up with Sarah, an equally cyborized gun-for-hire, to make a last stab at independence from the rapacious Orbitals.

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