Kitty Up!

Kitty Up!

ISBN: 0803732783

ISBN 13: 9780803732780

Publication Date: May 01, 2008

Publisher: Dial

Pages: 32

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Elizabeth Wojtusik, Sachiko Yoshikawa

3.75 of 64

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A romping, rolling, simple, and satisfying tale—perfect for toddlers.

There’s a lot to keep a curious Kitty entertained indoors—rooms to run through, tables to topple, sleeping dogs to sniff. But what’s this? A huge place full of sky and squirrels, birds and bugs! Kitty can’t resist. Before the dog can say “Bark!” she’s out the window and into the wide world. But what will she do when she can’t find her way home? Happily, a friendly face is nearby to scoop her up when curiosity has worn her out. Kids and parents will see a bit of themselves in this lovable cat and dog pair, whose special dynamic is the heart of this bouncing, buoyant tale.

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