Babycham Night

Babycham Night

ISBN: 0333900979

ISBN 13: 9780333900970

Publication Date: December 04, 2003

Publisher: MacMillan

Pages: 330

Format: Unknown Binding

Author: Philip Norman

3.38 of 10

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Philip Norman's family considered themselves genteel yet somehow became involved in the opportunistic world of seaside trade on the Isle of Wight. Norman recreates his upbringing among this gallery of social misfits - his handsome but unstable father Clive, once a dashing RAF officer, now a reluctant showman at the end of Ryde Pier, his pub-owning Uncle Phil, who dresses as a woman every New Year's Eve, and his irresistible Grandma Norman who presides over her rock kiosk and rules the troubled family like a Mafia don.

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