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Jailhouse (Wattpad)

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I wake up to my high school sweetheart sleeping peacefully at my side. Our cloths are scattered across the room, and a small blanket covers up our naked bodies.

I try sliding out of bed but his arm around my bare waist tightens. "No," he whispers softly in my ear, making my heart flutter and my stomach tighten. "I'm not asleep yet, beautiful. Stay right where you are."

I sigh and let my eyes close shut, falling deeper into my old mans arms. Wondering, 'What went wrong?'

You've read about Ashley and Jacob. Their high school love life and how they ended up together. But this is not always a happy ending.

High school ended, an they had to go to collage. They separated and haven't seen each other for six years. And they have both changed their ways. But waist happens when fate brings them together again?

Will they fall in love again, or stay just as friends?

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