Reinventing Nature? Responses To Postmodern Deconstruction

Reinventing Nature? Responses To Postmodern Deconstruction

ISBN: 1559633115

ISBN 13: 9781559633116

Publication Date: January 01, 1995

Publisher: Island Press

Pages: 203

Format: Paperback

Authors: Michael E. Soulé, N. Katherine Hayles, Albert Borgmann, David Graber, Paul Shepard, Gary Paul Nabhan, Stephen R. Kellert, Michael E. Soulé, Alan Gussow, Kathryn Hayles, Donald Worster

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How much of science is culturally constructed? How much depends on language and metaphor? How do our ideas about nature connect with reality? Can nature be "reinvented" through theme parks and malls, or through restoration.

Reinventing Nature? is an interdisciplinary investigation of how perceptions and conceptions of nature affect both the individual experience and society's management of nature. Leading thinkers from a variety of fields - philosophy, psychology, sociology, public policy, forestry, and others - address the conflict between perception and reality of nature, each from a different perspective. The editors of the volume provide an insightful introductory chapter that places the book in the context of contemporary debates and a concluding chapter that brings together themes and draws conclusions from the dialogue.

In addition to the editors, contributors include Albert Borgmann, David Graber, N. Katherine Hayles, Stephen R. Kellert, Gary P. Nabhan, Paul Shepard, and Donald Worster.

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