Hot Dish 2

Hot Dish 2

ISBN 13: 9781936689576

Publication Date: December, 2016

Pages: 318

Format: Paperback

Authors: Dark End, Tempe O'Kun, Slip-Wolf, Alice "Huskyteer" Dryden, Kyell Gold, Kandrel, Patrick “Bahumat” Rochefort, Faora Meridian, Sisco Polaris

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Some foods take longer to cook. Some stories take longer to tell. Sometimes people come back for a second helping.

The Hot Dish series started a collection of stories that arose from submissions to Heat, our all-orientations anthology of romantic and erotic short stories, comics and poetry. Mixed in among the submissions were great stories that we had to reject simply because they were too long for the Heat format. We squirreled these submissions away in our cold cellar, and we kept in touch with the authors in hopes of finding a suitable recipe for their stories.

Eventually, we had enough stories to whip up a full anthology. We called it Hot Dish in homage to the gooey, Midwestern casserole that is slow-cooked to let flavors deepen and meld — in contrast to the more crispy, flash-fried tales found in Heat. The length of Hot Dish's stories allows for more complex and subtle flavors to develop, leading to a deeper, more satisfying reading experience.

Due to the success of the first volume of Hot Dish we decided to put out a call for more stories in hopes of compiling a second volume. After several years of reviewing, editing and art direction, this second edition is the result.

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