The Truth of Tristan Lyons (Legendary Rock Star, #4)

The Truth of Tristan Lyons (Legendary Rock Star, #4)

Publication Date: August, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: L.B. Dunbar

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I understand why I have the nickname.
What can I say?
I like women.
All women.
It doesn’t matter what shape, size, or color.
I’m even into sharing.
I’ve done it all, seen it all,
but I’m at an all-time low.

Who wouldn’t be?
My best friend is missing.
My uncle’s an asshole.
I don’t know who I am without The Nights.
And everyone in the band is falling for the oldest trap: love.

Love is a lie. It’s painful. It hurts.

I need a break.
I want to be alone,
So I'm not prepared for her.
She tells me to call her Ireland.
I tell her I’m Tristan.
I don’t want to believe she doesn’t recognize me.
Bass guitarist for The Nights, come on?
After a while, we both play the game.

Too soon, our fantasy will crash to reality.
Secrets catch up to you.
The truth lives to be told.
It confirms what I already know:

Love is a lie.
Until her.

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