ISBN: 1945247142

ISBN 13: 9781945247149

Publication Date: September 04, 2017

Publisher: Thurston Howl Publications

Format: Paperback

Author: Amy Fontaine

4.50 of 4

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In a strange forest, blanketed by haze, Karen wakes up with four other unfamiliar children. They have no memories of their life before, or how they came to be there. Under the constant threat of a reptilian monster lurking in the mist, Karen, Samuel, Tessa, Jack, and Loki realize that they must rally together to overcome not only their personal obstacles, but also to unearth the greater purpose that has drawn them into this strange world. In their quest to rid the world of the terrifying beast, the group discovers and hones incredible new abilities, facing their greatest challenge yet: can they work together to save the realm of the Mist?

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