International House of Bubbas (Bubbas of the Apocalypse, #3)

International House of Bubbas (Bubbas of the Apocalypse, #3)

ISBN: 189368766X

ISBN 13: 9781893687660

Publication Date: December 31, 2005

Publisher: Yard Dog Press

Pages: 294

Format: Paperback

Authors: Selina Rosen, Susan Satterfield, Berry Kercheval, Bill D. Allen, William Ledbetter, Glenn R. Sixbury, Julia S. Mandala, Sherri Dean, James Hollaman, Sue P. Sinor, M.T. Reiten, Andrew Zimmerman Jones, G.R. Sixbury

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It's that crazy time in the future when the world's gone ta hell in a big ole purse. The only humans left over is good ole boys and gals and their kin, lovin', fightin', eatin' Q, an huntin' their flesh eatin', upwardly-mobile enemies—the Yumbies. This here edition of the ever-growin' Bubbas of the Apocalypse saga asks the question y'all probably didn't care 'bout at all "What happened to bubbas that weren' in the good ole US of A when the plague hit? What trials and tribulations must the bubbas of the future deal with when they have to live in distant lands where there ain't no Wal-Marts to raid, and more Yumbies than you can shake a stick at?" This here book takes a look-see at bubbas fighting to survive in hostile foreign lands, like France and Ascrackastan and Hewiua just ta name a few.

Foreword by Selina Rosen
A Bubba Poet by Susan Satterfield
Bubba ofd the Flies by Selina Rosen
Iron Chef Bubba by Berry Kercheval
Postcards Home by James Hollaman
El Farto by Bill D. Allen
The Rhinestone Maidens by Susan P. Sinor
Ice Scream by William Ledbetter
Omega Bubba by Sherri Dean
Oomp Bubba by Glenn R. Sixbury
Bubba’s a Broad by Julia S. Mandala
Bubba Suey by Jody Lynn Nye
Yumbies of the Caribbean by Tracy S. Morris
Bubba in Bagdad by Linda J. Dunn
Ned’s Lonely Hearts by Bennie Grezlik
The Trailer Park Vampire Meets the Bubba Yumbie by James K. Burk
The American Way by Linda Donahue
Empire of Silk; Empire of Flannel by Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Blight of the Memphis Bell by Laura J. Underwood
Olé Bubba and the Forty Steves by James S. Dorr
Le Bubba Grande by Richard Dansky
The Bubba of DunTrune by Lee Martindale & Bradley H. Sinor
Bubba Chambara by Robert Pickering
Billy Frank, the POW, and the Geneva Convention by Mel Tatum
Zombie Fu by Gary Jonas
Larry and Joe Bob Do Asscrackistan by M.T. Reiten
Don Bubba by K. Huston Price
Lurleen Terwilliger and the Sweedish Bubba-Balls by Melanie Fletcher
Ivan the Bubba by Rhonda Eudaly
Bubbathulhu by Jeffrey Turner

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