The History of Mr. Polly

The History of Mr. Polly

ISBN: 0141441070

ISBN 13: 9780141441078

Publication Date: March 31, 2005

Publisher: Penguin Classics

Pages: 227

Format: Paperback

Authors: H.G. Wells, John Sutherland, Simon J. James, Simon James

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Mr. Polly is an ordinary middle-aged man who is tired of his wife's nagging and his dreary job as the owner of a regional gentleman's outfitters. Faced with the threat of bankruptcy, he concludes that the only way to escape his frustrating existence is by burning his shop to the ground and killing himself. Unexpected events, however, conspire to lead the bewildered Mr. Polly to a bright new future after he saves a life, fakes his death, and escapes to a world of heroism and hope.

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