Green Lantern, Volume 2: The Power of Ion

Green Lantern, Volume 2: The Power of Ion

ISBN: 1563899728

ISBN 13: 9781563899720

Publication Date: March 01, 2003

Publisher: DC Comics

Pages: 226

Format: Paperback

Authors: Judd Winick, Dale Eaglesham, Eric Battle, Brandon Badeaux, Jamal Igle, Pat Quinn

3.67 of 105

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Written by former MTV Real World roommate Judd Winick, this incredible odyssey documents Green Lantern's rise to near godhood and his resultant struggles with his new infinite powers. After defeating his arch nemesis Nero, Green Lantern gains the power of his enemy as well that of every Green Lantern who has ever worn a power ring. Wielding such ultimate power, Green Lantern christens himself Ion and begins to use his godlike abilities in morally questionable ways. Now as Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash begin to distrust their teammate, the former Green Lantern must come to terms with his new capabilities or risk losing everything he has.

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