ISBN: 1596062215

ISBN 13: 9781596062214

Publication Date: April 30, 2009

Publisher: Subterranean Press

Pages: 63

Format: Hardcover

Authors: James P. Blaylock, Tim Powers, Adriana Campoy, Brittany Cox, Alex Haniford, William Ashbless

3.55 of 22

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...Metamorphosis: three stories, each one involving a man who discovers that he has come to dwell, for an hour or for a lifetime, in a house and in a mind not quite his own. Each one opens doors onto rooms of illusion, radiance, regret, and dark enchantment. Welcome to the stories of three young writers, stories written in collaboration with James P. Blaylock. Welcome to the borderland of illusion and reality.

Three tales, written in collaboration by James P. Blaylock with students in a class by Tim Powers, with an introduction and illustrations by Tim, an afterword by Blaylock, and some necessary meddling by William Ashbless.

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