The Hunter (Parker, #1)

The Hunter (Parker, #1)

Publication Date: 1962

Publisher: Pocket Books

Pages: 199

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Richard Stark

4.05 of 5,948

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Double-crossed, shot, and left for dead — by his wife. The thriller that introduces Parker. “A brilliant invention”. Played by Lee Marvin in the John Boorman movie. “The funnies call it the syndicate. The goons and hustlers call it the Outfit. You call it the Organization. But I don’t care if you call yourselves the Red Cross, you owe me forty-five thousand dollars and you’ll pay me back whether you like it or not.”

This novel was originally titled The Hunter, later retitled Point Blank because of the movie, later retitled Payback because of the other movie.

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