The Tenants of Time (The Thomas Flanagan Trilogy #2)

The Tenants of Time  (The Thomas Flanagan Trilogy #2)

ISBN: 0446353426

ISBN 13: 9780446353427

Publication Date: March 01, 1989

Publisher: Warner Books (NY)

Pages: 849

Format: Paperback

Author: Thomas Flanagan

4.03 of 192

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Ireland, 1867:

A time of unbridled courage and rage. Here Robert Delaney and his young friends join the Fenian uprising and, in one night of violence, seal their fates with a secret that shapes the rest of their lives. Ned Nolan chooses terrorism and the gun; and Delaney himself becomes Ireland's champion, rising to power as a politician - and falling in love with a beautiful, forbidden woman who can destroy him as mercilessly as the haunting truth of his past. Together, they are The Tenants of Time...embodying, embracing, and echoing all the passions of this most passionate land.

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