White Devils

White Devils

ISBN: 0743461576

ISBN 13: 9780743461573

Publication Date: July 01, 2005

Publisher: Pocket Books

Format: Paperback

Author: Paul McAuley

3.29 of 164

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Nicholas Hyde, a volunteer working with a humanitarian charity in Africa, is part of a team which is ambushed by small, ape-like creatures - pale, fierce and preternaturally strong - who slaughter most of the group in a matter of minutes. but after the rescue he falls in with the official story and claims instead he saw only rebel troops in body paint. owns the Congo. Shell-shocked and angry, Nicholas refuses to cooperate. He knows what he saw, and he will tell the truth. And that's when people around him start to die. Only by discovering the secret behind the white devils can Nick protect himself from the forces arrayed against him. And on his quest into the heart of darkness of C21st century Africa - the Dead Zone - Nick will discover a truth almost too horrifying to contemplate.

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