Secrets and Stories of the War: Volume 1

Secrets and Stories of the War: Volume 1

Publication Date: 1963

Publisher: The Reader's Digest Association Limited

Pages: 360

Format: Hardcover

Author: William L. Shirer

4.42 of 31

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A selection of articles and book condensations in which The Reader's Digest recorded the Second World War

Contents includes:
Forward--The News That Became History (Lieutenant-General Sir Brian Horrocks)
Hitler on the March (William L. Shirer)
'Take Cover!' An Air Head Warden Remembers (George Graham)
The Enemy's Masterpiece of Espionage (J. Edgar Hoover)
The Cruise of the Raider Atlantis (Robert Littell)
The Siege of Fort Eben Emael (Lieutenant-Colonel Paul W. Thompson)
The Last Enemy (Richard Hillary)
Miss Victoria (Patricia Strauss)
The Prisoners of Difference (Edwin Muller)
Miracle of Dunkirk (Arthur Divine)
Hero When He Had to Be (Edwin Muller)
Giraud's Brilliant Escape from a Nazi Prison (Frederick Painton)
How Britian's Wealth Went West (Leland Snow)
Shepherds of the Underground (George Kent)
The Frogman Who Crippled a Fleet (J. D. Ratcliff)
The Man Who Did Business With Himmler (Edwin Muller)
The Hunting of the Bismarck (Captain Russell Grenfell, RN)
A Night to Remember (Quentin Reynolds)
The Case of the Seasick Stoker (John Rhodes Sturdy)
Two Men and an Army (Allan Michie)
The Girl Who Wa Anne Frank (Louis de Jong)
Blueprint for Pearl Harbour (Edwin Muller)
The Infamous Seventh of December (Blake Clark)
The Password was Mandalay (Lieutenant-Colonal James Warner Bellah)
Secret Mission to North Africa (Frederick Painton)
Eleveb Against the Nazi A-Bomb (Frederick Sondern)
A Day of Sweeping Mines Off Dover (William L. White)
The Hunt for a Spy (Carl Wall)
Death in the Lifeboat (Walter Gibson)
Joey's Quiet War (Thomas Johnson)
What They Call Bravery (Carl Wall)
Tunnel to Freedom (Paul Brickhill and Allan Michie)
The Short, Sharp Battle of Kelibia Point (George Palmer and Frederic Sondern)
The Savage Recruits from Burma (Ralph Herderson)
When Hitler Invaded America (Lawrence Elliott)
Scarlett Pimpernels of the Air (Allan Michie)
The Silent, Invisible War Under the Sea (Ira Wolfert)
I Was Monty's Double (M. E. Clifton James)

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