Captain America: Reborn

Captain America: Reborn

ISBN: 0785139982

ISBN 13: 9780785139980

Publication Date: April 07, 2010

Publisher: Marvel

Pages: 232

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Ed Brubaker, Bryan Hitch, Jackson Butch Guice, Luke Ross, Rick Magyar, Paul Mounts, Justin Ponsor, Joe Caramagna, Rian Hughes

3.79 of 1,903

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Following the events of Captain America 600, Steve Rogers' closest friends and allies may have found a way to bring back the original Captain America. Or is what they found something more sinister? The Red Skull's greatest plan to destroy Captain America has been in motion and its completion is almost at hand. Will Captain America be lost forever, or will he be Reborn?

Collecting: Captain America: Reborn 1-6

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