The Brothers Karamazov (Landmarks of World Literature)

The Brothers Karamazov (Landmarks of World Literature)

ISBN: 0521386012

ISBN 13: 9780521386012

Publication Date: November 27, 1992

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Format: Paperback

Author: William J. Leatherbarrow

4.42 of 807

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The Brothers Karamazov, completed in November 1880 just two months before Dostoyevsky's death, displays both his mastery as a storyteller and his significance as a thinker. In this volume, Dr. Leatherbarrow shows that far from being merely a philosophical religious tract, The Brothers Karamazov is an enjoyable and accessible novel. He discusses its major themes, including atheism and belief, the nature of man, socialism and individualism, and the state of European civilization, focusing particulary on those themes of justice, order and disorder, in whose revolutionary treatment he sees the real significance of this literary landmark.

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