The Black Tulip

The Black Tulip

ISBN: 0140448926

ISBN 13: 9780140448924

Publication Date: August 26, 2003

Publisher: Penguin Books

Pages: 246

Format: Paperback

Authors: Alexandre Dumas, Robin Buss

3.79 of 9,132

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'To have discovered the black tulip, to have seen it for a moment...then to lose it, to lose it forever!'

Cornelius von Baerle, a respectable tulip-grower, lives only to cultivate the elusive black tulip and win a magnificent prize for its creation. But after his powerful godfather is assassinated, the unwitting Cornelius becomes caught up in deadly political intrigue and is falsely accused of high treason by a bitter rival. Condemned to life imprisonment, his only comfort is Rosa, the jailer's beautiful daughter, and together they concoct a plan to grow the black tulip in secret. Dumas' last major historical novel is a tale of romantic love, jealousy and obsession, interweaving historical events surrounding the brutal murders of two Dutch statesman in 1672 with the phenomenon of tulipomania that gripped seventeenth-century Holland.

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