By the Open Sea

By the Open Sea

ISBN: 0140444882

ISBN 13: 9780140444889

Publication Date: June 02, 1987

Publisher: Penguin Classics

Pages: 208

Format: Paperback

Authors: August Strindberg, Mary Sandbach

3.45 of 143

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Axel Borg, a man in his thirties, has been appointed superintendent of fisheries on one of the small islands in the Stockholm Archipelago. Like Strindberg at that age, he is a prophet without honor, his achievements having won him distinction only in foreign countries. On the island he has to combat pig-headedness and ignorance, and he is settling down with much self-pity to a long grind, when that creature whom he classifies as only a short remove from the child comes to cause further disturbance - a woman. For a time the uninitiated will suspect that a pretty love story is in the make, but others will observe the scientific analysis which Borg applies to even his happiest moments.

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