A Heart Aflame (Maewyn's Prophecy, #3)

A Heart Aflame (Maewyn's Prophecy, #3)

ISBN: 1596322500

ISBN 13: 9781596322509

Pages: 107

Author: Emily Veinglory

2.80 of 13

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From his polished, lace-up shoes to his manicured nails, Roman was a very civilized elf. Archer, on the other hand, was just a young man who knew he had the devil inside him. All he had to give the world was his skill in battle and his love for Roman. And Roman’s passion for tidiness, order and rightness drove him deeper into his uncouth ways.

Once, just once, Archer wanted to hear Roman shout, see him throw something, see him out of control. He wanted to know that Roman really cared about him as he was -- rather than constantly fighting to turn him into something else. He wanted to see Roman with his heart aflame.

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