The Gamble

The Gamble

ISBN: 0446605344

ISBN 13: 9780446605342

Publication Date: May 01, 1998

Publisher: Warner Books

Pages: 384

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Author: Joan Wolf

3.66 of 243

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Georgiana Newbury and her sister Anna are left penniless by the sudden death of their father -- a criminal who blackmailed five men for cheating at cards (or on their wives). The only way she can now survive, and save her sister, is to gamble herself on the risky prospect of marriage.

Using her father's blackmail files she compels Lord Winterdale to present her during the courting season in London. But unknown to her, the old Lord is dead -- and the Winterdale Lordship has now passed to his young, attractive nephew, the roguish Philip. For his own reasons, he agrees to Georgiana's plan...but both will end up with much more than they gambled on.

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